16-year-old Lucknow boy shoots his mother for stopping him from playing PUBG

Lucknow boy shoots his mother

LUCKNOW: A 16-year-old Lucknow boy shoots his mother after she prevented him from playing PUBG, said a police official. The adolescent was dependent on playing the game.

“The police arrived at the spot in the wake of getting data about the episode. The measurable group likewise arrived at the spot. The examination was finished. During the examination, it was uncovered that the 16-year-old child shot dead his mom. The minor kid shot dead his mom after she prevented him from playing the PUBG game. “Qasim Abidi, ADCP, East Lucknow said on Tuesday.

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“A starter test uncovered that he was dependent on the game and his mom used to prevent him from playing, because of which he committed the occurrence with his dad’s gun. He carried out the wrongdoing in the mediating evening of Saturday and Sunday,” the police official added.

The ADCP further educated that the kid attempted to misdirect the police during the examination by “portraying a phony tale about some electrical expert”.

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“We have taken the kid under guardianship and the further test is in progress,” the police official said.

In a comparable episode in March. An occupant of Thane in Mumbai was cut to death by three companions supposedly over hostility while playing a PUBG game. Police captured one charge and held two adolescents about this issue.

The depart Sahil Jadhav, an occupant of Vartak Nagar in Thane city. Cut by his companions Pranav Mali and two different adolescents after they battle while playing PUBG.

A senior official from Vartak Nagar police headquarters said, “The three blamed impaired for liquor got hold of Sahil close to his home and cut him after hostility while playing PUBG.”

The three charged wounded Sahil north of 10 times and the casualty passed on the spot. The body has been transferring for posthumous, added the police official.

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