You could go through hours sifting through the YouTube file to track down the most sublimely 20 FUNNY MOMENTS in sports. Whether they occur in postgame question and answer sessions, in one-on-one meetings, or in the background storage space minutes that nobody should see, they all flinch commendable yet amazing in their entertainment.

However long you’re not the correspondent who needed to endure the worst part of the ponderousness, that is.

Here are the absolute 20 FUNNY MOMENTS.

  • “That is Fine.” — Derek Anderson

A while ago when individuals thought often about Derek Anderson, he presumably wished individuals couldn’t have cared less about him — particularly on that day his group was getting its butt kicked on Monday Night Football and the cameras got film of him and a lineman snickering and having an excellent bygone era.

Props to the correspondent for declining to allow Anderson to get off kind with this one. He asked Anderson what he was giggling about, and Anderson just would not yield. From the beginning, he endeavored to guarantee he wasn’t snickering in any way. Whenever the correspondent called attention to that TV cameras had, as a matter of fact, communicated film of him decisively chuckling, Anderson had no real option except to say, “That is fine,” as many as multiple times.

After an outburst about how “he seriously treats and nothing is ever entertaining to him, ever — like, ever — Anderson had no real option except to leave the news meeting while a whole room brimming with correspondents watched with happiness.

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