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A player in Warzone stops an enemy from complaining about “campers” on Rebirth Island.

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A Call of Duty: A warzone player recently clapped back at another player who was complaining about “campers” on Rebirth Island.

Even in competitive online shooters like Call of Duty: Warzone, there are still a lot of accusations of camping. Of course, such claims are often true because of what some players do.

Many campers like to hide in corners to catch people who aren’t paying attention, or behind things that are easy to miss.

But calling someone a “camper” in anger often backfires on those who were just caught slipping during a match.

This Warzone fan doesn’t want to complain about the campers on Rebirth Island.

A Reddit user named PremiumSargeantmajor recently posted a video of themselves playing Warzone and landing on Rebirth Island.

Before the player lands on solid ground, they see someone lying down behind a car and quickly get rid of them.

The player who just died isn’t happy about this turn of events, so he or she yells, “Nice camping!” “How was camping? “Dude, I just fell from the sky,” the Reddit user said.

As another user, MriDecay, said in the Reddit thread, “you will always be camping in death comms,” no matter how one player kills the other.

At the very least, the other player learned a valuable lesson: No matter how well you hide behind cover, no place is as safe as it seems.

When the next part of Warzone comes out this fall, players of Call of Duty would do well to remember this.

In November, Warzone 2.0 comes out for PC and consoles with a new map called Al Mazrah that has points of interest based on classic Modern Warfare locations.

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