A huge number of 90 gameplay videos of “GTA 6” have been leaked.

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This morning, there’s a lot of trouble at Rockstar because a lot of early footage from GTA 6 has leaked out. It’s been split up into 90 videos that are now being shared on all kinds of social media.

This started on GTA forums, where a user named teapotuberhacker, who also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack, posted 90 videos that they say are from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6. Leaks of information about the location, the Miami-like Vice City, and the male and female leads seem to be confirmed by the footage. The woman’s name in the video is Lucia, and the man’s name is Jason.

In one scene, the player takes control of Lucia as she robs a diner and then runs away with Jason from the police. In another, Jason stands around while two rednecks talk by a pool in a very Rockstar-like way. I’ll just link to them instead of embedding them since I’m sure Rockstar will soon remove them from the web. But there is so much footage and it is in so many places that it will probably be impossible to get rid of it all.

>>>A Massive Leak of 90 Gameplay Videos Affects “GTA 6”

Unlike some other industry leaks, I can’t even consider the possibility that this one is fake. This is too much video, and there are too many details that would be hard to fake at this size. This looks like real footage that was stolen from Rockstar and used to make this. It’s easy to imagine that Rockstar will try to find this hacker and bring them to justice, but we’ll have to wait and see how successful they are at that.

But…does this hurt GTA 6? Probably not, based on what I’m seeing online. Fans are mostly excited to see GTA 6, Vice City, and these new characters in action, so the clips are getting a lot of praise and a lot more likes than dislikes on YouTube. Rockstar has been so secretive about GTA 6 that fans have been begging for any footage or information about it. So far, though, everything they know about it has come from leaks. First, we learned about the game’s setting and main characters. Now, there has been a huge leak of actual gameplay videos, which look pretty good even though they are covered in debug tools and use placeholder assets. The game is likely still at least two years away. It’s easy to think that after a lot more work and polishing, it will be pretty good.

Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the leak yet, but I think they’ll have to because this isn’t just a bunch of rumors. When they make a statement, I’ll add it to this post.

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