A video of a taxi in Cucuta is shared a lot on Twitter and Reddit

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People want to know more about a video that is causing a lot of trouble right now. Since it has content, not everyone may be able to watch it. This is why we are here to tell you about a Cucuta Taxi video that has supposedly become popular on social media. Even though this happened in a taxi in a well-known part of the city, in response to calls from the public. The union punished the driver of that car.


This video shows a young man and an older man together before getting into a cab and acting intimately in public. which shocks me. But this video says something different. The event is said to have happened in the middle of the day in one of the most populated parts of North Santander. Now, though, a company has put out a statement saying. It will look into what happened and take steps to make sure the public is safe.

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What happen in this VIDEO

So that this particular thing doesn’t happen again. But the taxi owner, who says he was busy working on a mechanical part in that workshop. Rented this car to the guy in this video for more than three days. But since everything has gone wrong, He feels bad about everything and says he’s sorry. He says that what happened was wrong and that the vehicle wasn’t made for this kind of work. Even the locals are angry.

They were also interested in the details. After watching this video, it’s clear that bad behavior in a moving car is not okay. No one wants to use taxis as a way to get around.

We hope that this problem can be solved quickly and that we can find the two people who did this work. People have shared the video in question a lot on social media.

Queen Pink 07 Viral Video

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