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An exciting mod has finally added first-person web-slinging to the Spider-Man PC game.

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The remastered Spider-Man game from Marvel just got a new PC mod that lets you swing from webs in first-person view around New York City.

The 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man game was a big hit, in part because developer Insomniac made the web-slinging skills of the title character feel exciting and fun. This can be done in the game from a third-person view, but a new mod gives players a whole new way to enjoy this feature.

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The modder, Jedijosh920, went above and beyond by making a mod that lets people play the web-slinging part of the game in first-person. They put up a video on YouTube that shows the mod and shows players how the web-slinging parts of the game work.

The controls are surprisingly smooth, and the game’s great graphics make you feel like Spider-Man swinging through the city. The first-person experience works well for a mod.

Spider-Man PC mod excitingly adds first-person web-slinging.

Of course, swinging through the city from this point of view adds a level of realism and movement that might throw off some players who get motion sickness.

Spider-hands Man’s arms and legs can be seen when he is climbing up a wall from the first-person view, and the same is true when he is trying to get more speed with his webs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has become the next big thing in the modding community since it came out on PC in August 2022. At first, modders just changed Spider-Man’s looks to make him look like other well-known characters from pop culture.

Players can now swing through the city as characters like Shrek, Kermit the Frog, and even Saul Goodman. So far, most of the mods made for Spider-Man have been light and fun. However, some players have used the freedom of the PC version in the wrong ways. For example, one modder made a mod that was against LGBTQ+ people. The mod was taken down quickly, and the person who made it was banned.

On August 12, 2022, Marvel’s Spider-Man came out for the PC for the first time. This version is a remastered version of the PS4 game that came out in 2018. In our review of Spider-Man PC for Dexerto, we called the port a “successful web-slinging job.”

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