Are there Ruth Ginsberg and Benjamin Ginsberg? Wife and family of an election attorney

Benjamin Ginsberg

Benjamin Ginsberg is a liberal political scientist and professor at Johns Hopkins University. We know him for his critiques of American politics, claiming that citizens are marginalize as political actors and that political parties have weakened as state power increases.

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His opinion that voting is pointless and his belief that the public has a false sense of power over the government has compounded the problem. Downsizing Democracy, which he co-authored with Matthew Cranson and published in 2004, has received critical acclaim from various mainstream newspapers.

The election attorney’s wife and family investigated

Benjamin Ginsberg is a Republican strategist and lawyer widely regarded as one of the most powerful in the party. He and his lovely wife have a long marriage and have a small child as well.

His wife and their daughter have chosen to raise their family in New York City, New York. He is also the grandfather of a grandson name as Zach.

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Benjamin was raise in a Jewish family in the United States by his parents, who are both Jewish. Benjamin Ginsberg was born in the United States of America and is an American citizen. He is an ethnically white American citizen. He is a member of the American Community.

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