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Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI was taken out of the Google Play Store

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The Indian version of the popular battle royale mobile game PUBG Mobile has been taken off of the Google Play Store. All of the Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI fans and people who play games in India were shocked by the news. Seeing how much people all over the country love the game,

No one knew why the game was taken off the site. At the time this was written, the game could be downloaded from the App Store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular games Indian players have ever had access to. The game is so popular that a live broadcast of its esports tournament was shown on national TV. The event was watched by a lot of people, but the game being taken off the Play Store isn’t good for Indian esports.

Recently, the game’s publishers teamed up with South Korean K-POP girl group Blackpink to bring players fun events and rewards.

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No one from Google or Krafton, the company that made the game, has said anything yet. And the Indian government doesn’t know anything about the ban on BGMI.

But people who already have the game installed on their Android devices can still play it right now without any problems.
This doesn’t seem to be a problem with how BGMI works, since players with iOS devices can still get to Krafton’s most popular game in India. Due to the sudden removal of BGMI, there have been a lot of rumors and theories on the internet. Several players have said that the game has been banned in the country.
So far, neither Krafton nor Google have said why BGMI was taken off the Play Store. At the time this was written, the developers hadn’t said anything about it on social media.
Unmotivated World has reached out to Krafton to ask why the game was taken off the platform. If or when we hear back, we will update the article.

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