EVGA will no longer make GPUs for NVIDIA

Because of “disrespectful treatment,” EVGA will no longer make GPUs for NVIDIA.

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Gamers Nexus, a popular tech YouTube channel, said that EVGA won’t make Nvidia graphics cards for the next 40-series “Lovelace” generation.

Over the years, EVGA has become the go-to brand for many PC gamers who want the newest Nvidia graphics cards. The company is well known for making some of the best GPUs in the world.

Some of the most famous computer parts are the FTW3 versions of the Nvidia GPUs. But it looks like that will change shortly.

Gamers Nexus has an exclusive report that says EVGA will not make the next generation of Nvidia 40-series graphics cards. The reason given is “disrespectful treatment.”

Gamers Nexus says that EVGA has ended its partnership with NVIDIA.

Gamers Nexus shared the news with fans in a video that went live on September 16, 2022. He said that his team didn’t know about the report until the video went live.

Stephen Burke, the founder of Gamers Nexus, said that he and his team met with the CEO of EVGA behind closed doors and got the industry-changing news there.

During the meeting, they found out that the decision had nothing to do with money, but was instead based on respect. Stephen said that almost every time a new card comes out, he hears from multiple card manufacturers that they don’t know the basics about it until a few weeks before it comes out.

EVGA also said that they think NVIDIA’s lower prices on Founders Edition cards hurt their ability to sell products with NVIDIA parts.

Existing owners of EVGA video cards don’t need to worry, though, because the company said it plans to hold onto inventory to help replace cards and give them to new users.

But the company won’t make any more after they run out of 30 Series cards by the end of 2022.

Stephen has made it clear that EVGA has said they will stay in business and have not considered working with Intel or AMD in the future.

What happens next will have to be seen. Head over to our Tech Hub for more news and reviews in the meantime.

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