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Cardi B and Akbar V Entire Twitter Debate: Who Is Akbar V?


Social media videos that are popular Cardi B has lately made news, but not for her just-released new album, but rather for a Twitter controversy. Yes, in several posts uploaded on her Twitter account, the rapper poked fun at another rapper by the name of Akbar V. Fans were praising Cardi for her album, but they were perplexed to hear that another rapper by the name of Akbar existed. More questions about Akbar’s identity and the circumstances surrounding Cardi’s senseless ridicule of her surfaced as the scandal developed. Cardi had a reason for doing it and had tweeted for Akbar, as was later revealed. Tell us about Cardi and Akbar’s lengthy, bitter argument.

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Complete analysis of Cardi B and Akbar V’s Twitter conversation

Before we get into the debate, let’s first define Akbar V or Akbar. Rapper Akbar V got into a sticky situation with Cardi. Akbar is a rapper who also makes an appearance in the reality TV series Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Real life and the inner workings of a rapper’s life are the primary topics of this program. In addition, Akbar created several well-known albums.

Her albums include, among others, 3$, NO, Tax, RIP, Mama, and Rehab. Akbar formerly belonged to the YSL Organization, which was started by Young Thug and backed and promoted upcoming rappers. Akbar’s true name is Valerie Raven, and she is an Atlanta native.

Cardi B’s Wild Reaction to Akbar V

After Cardi’s videos went viral on Twitter, Akbar defended herself by saying that she wasn’t making fun of Cardi and that she had never brought her up. She spoke about it as well, although she disapproved of Cardi’s conduct in criticizing her kids and sharing her pirated private film online.

Akbar, who also noted that Cardi is a mother, said that she shouldn’t have involved her kids in this. The argument was further fueled when Cardi replied from the opposite side, claiming that she had tried to contact Akbar but had not heard back. Later, Cardi ended the conversation and ended the heated argument by thanking her fans for supporting her latest album.

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Who is Akbar V, anyway?

Rapper Akbar posted a lot of videos of herself online to promote herself and her albums. This helped her gain a large fan base.

Recently, Akbar released a new album, and it was likewise excellent. She posted a video of herself talking about how other rappers simply control the hit chart or the billboard chat while putting out albums infrequently, for example. The video of Akbar was misread by Cardi’s supporters, who took it very seriously and thought Cardi was being made fun of. When Cardi arrived, she immediately began sharing movies and chatting about Akbar online. She also shared a popular video of Akbar and talked about her children.

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