Check out the Gurumiharibo video that has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Gurumiharibo video

Gurumiharibo video of group members interacting with each other has helped spread images of Kpop around the world. Even though K-Pop stars aren’t supposed to date or hang out with other members of their group, they do it anyway. There are lots of rumors online that this is true until they sign a contract with a record company or business.

Even though most of them aren’t true, some groups of boys and girls take pictures together. Some K-pop fans are very understanding and don’t invade other people’s privacy, but other fans are mean and make fun of each other for relationship rumours and viral photos. Online rumours and photos of BTS members V and Jennie going viral are very popular right now.

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BTS has more fans than any other boy band in the world. even though there are also fanboys and fangirls in the female group. Most likely, girls are the ones who look at the private information of guys. since their relationships are so interesting to them. There are many pictures of Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS on the Internet now.

Because the photos look so real, a lot of fans think that the two are dating. The viral photos have been changed, but they look too real to be fake. even though someone may be making these changes and putting them out there. Jennie and V have never dated because it’s against the rules set by their employers.

Gurumiharibo: A Biographical

Gurumiharibo went so far as to say that Jennie and V are dating by putting pictures of them on Twitter. While making charges, the user keeps uploading the same pictures to make it look like the two are dating. along with a single shot. The user also posted other edited photos of the two stars together, and fans pointed out times when they were both with different members of their group.

Even though the dieting is pretty true, they never actually dated. The person makes fun of themselves for doing something so bad.

Another Twitter user said that Hybe Labels would soon sue Gurumi for the damage she is causing. Fans who thought the pictures were real cheered. But poisonous fans grew outraged.


People who knew the truth could only see the changes. The person who put the photos on Twitter, Kurumi, took them down and said that no one had ever sent her a legal notice. Black Pink Lisa and the members of BTS have been in a lot of fake Web photos in the past, and the same is true this time. while the members of BTS and Black Pink keep their usual calm.

Gurumiharibo video
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