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Cornwell Mulek captured: Why was the sacked Uganda Airlines supervisor captured? Explanation, All Charges, and Explanation of Allegations!


In this article, we will tell you about Why was the sacked Uganda Airlines supervisor was capture? an unusually ongoing report so that the police. As well as the inspector of the public authority caught the previous Ugandan carrier who was a notable CEO. That goes by Mr. Cornwell Mulaya. So, referring to this whole incident he was being caught on Tuesday. It is said that why he was being caught because he was protesting. Not keeping the guidelines of the IGG orders on him, the justification of the Inspectorate.

The government act in the year 2002 is said to have been confirmed. He would be available in court care on June 22. The discussion between me and the manager of Mr. Mullaya between June 2022 and there was no sensible defense. Any reason whatsoever to the Inspectorate of the Public Authority being date 23 May 2022. Where it says that You need all his participation.

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Who is Cornwell Muleck?

In addition, much like evidence to make further reports to the public authority regarding the lack of public property officials. The enrollment of employees in Uganda Airlines. It was a distinctive contribution to the revival of Uganda Airlines. Muleya was one of the officials who has not presented this distinctive look of the aircraft. Discussing his ethnicity that he is from Zimbabwe and planned to aviate in the year 1995. He was filling in as a general manager and was the CEO of the Savannah partnership bought Air. Worked there for a long time From that point forward, he chose Air continuing towards Botswana. From that time on. He chose to serve as CEO of Zambezi Airlines Limited and also arranged a ban in Kenya.

Why was Cornwell Muleck arrested?

Given working in that picture, MNC was being contract to fill in as the CEO of Air Uganda in the year 2013 and has been working as a flight attendant for 23 years and on 21st April in the year 2021. A minister, Edward Katumba Wamala, discussed and concluded that 12 other high-ranking delegates would leave and that they would put them on suspension. He was suspend shortly after this request which was a request to President Museveni. Therefore the examination and all but one of the claims are missing and it is contaminate by staff enrollment and is the link to various issues.

Cornwell Muleck Arrested Cause

After this episode and after 9 months of significant issues saw nepotism by the employees. A suspension letter was transferring to Malaya expressing that their settlement would be terminate once the capture came. There was a cycle going on where there was an answer there was a She 3.3b unique key between a Ugandan carrier and him who was being implicate during the last month. What happened when they couldn’t plane didn’t show up for the incident in two successive days instead the kids start they will show up in modern court if they don’t then the case will continue for themselves and they will fix their non-appearance.

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