Fisker, a company that competes with Tesla, will sell an electric SUV next year.

Fisker, a company that competes with Tesla, will sell an electric SUV next year.


  • Soon, Fisker, a competitor to Tesla, will start selling EVs in India.
  • The American company that makes EVs might sell the Fisker Ocean EV SUV there.
  • Plans for Fisker include making it in India or putting it together there.

Fisker Inc., an American company that makes electric cars, has recently shown an interest in getting into the EV market in India. Fisker, a competitor to Tesla, will come to India. The company that competes with Tesla wants to get into India’s growing electric vehicle (EV) market and be one of the first companies there. The company wants to bring the Fisker Ocean EV SUV into the country by importing it and then making and putting it together there to save money. Follow STOPTECHY for more news about what’s popular.

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Fisker, an American company that makes electric cars and competes with Tesla, is thinking about entering the Indian EV market. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker, talked about the potential of the Indian EV market and said, “In the end, India will only have electric cars. It may not move as quickly as in the U.S., China, or Europe, but we want to be among the first to get in.” The company’s goal in India is to be the first to do something.

The Fisker Ocean EV SUV will be sold in India, the company says. On the American market, the car costs about $37,500. If the car was brought into India, a 100% tax would be added, which would make the price go up by a factor of three. Most sales on the Indian market right now are around USD 15,000. But the government thinks that EV sales will make up 30 percent of the market by 2030. This is a great chance for companies like Fisker.


So, Fisker plans to move assembly and maybe even manufacturing to India in the next stages of its business there. The company could sell the five-seater Pear electric car to reach a wider audience. Also, the company plans to start making the car in India by 2026 or later. The CEO thinks that this could help the organization reach its best budget of about $20,000 if it does this.

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It has a deal with Magna International to make cars. The Ocean SUV for India would be made in Austria and then shipped there. Also, the company has agreed with Foxconn to make the Pear EV. Reports say that they also looking for a place to open a store in Delhi so that it can start selling cars in India.

Tesla, an American electric vehicle (EV) giant, tried to get into the Indian EV market and raised a lot of hopes. But because India has high import fees, the company gave up on its plans for India. So, the arrival of Fisker will be a big deal for smaller electric vehicle (EV) companies from around the world that want to do business in the country but don’t have a manufacturing line.

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