Hospital guard in a viral video from Argentina

viral video

In an Argentina-based viral video, a hospital guard speaks to an invisible patient. A Hospital guard viral video talking to a ghost patient seven times and telling him to take him to the doctor’s room is going viral online. Follow Unmotivated World For more latest leaks and latest news.

A terrifying incident occurred in Argentina when a guard interviewed a ghostly patient at a hospital days after his death.

The viral film shows a safety officer getting up from his seat to welcome the phantom at the gathering before driving him into the specialist’s room. The viral video only captures the guard, not the individual with whom he is conversing.

As he moved his right hand as if giving instructions, the guard gave the impression of being horrified by his actions. The guard is seen holding a wheelchair for an unidentified patient in another portion of the video.

The guard filled out the form with the name of a deceased woman, according to local media.
However, the hospital’s management claimed that the door had malfunctioned, as it had opened 28 times in 10 hours.

viral video from Argentina
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