How to Apply Kajal for the Perfect Eye Makeup


Kajal has been used in India since ancient times and has many uses, most commonly for beautifying the eyes. In today’s modern age, kajal can be worn on both the upper and lower lids of the eyes, providing you with endless options to express your style. However, applying kajal may seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before. For this reason, we decided to put together this step-by-step guide on how to apply Kajal to create the perfect eye makeup look.

Step 1: Preparing your eyelids

Before you apply your kohl, ensure that your eyelids are completely clean and free of any traces of other cosmetics. Wash them thoroughly with soap or face wash and pat dry with a soft cloth. Ensure that there is no dirt on it before applying anything. Also, make sure that there are no signs of irritation around your eyes. Try not to use too much water or soap when cleaning your eyes as it may be harmful in certain cases.

Step 2: Selecting the right kohl pencil

Choosing a pencil that suits your skin tone and is easy on sensitive eyes is key to a beautiful look. You’ll want to purchase something in a natural shade since artificial kohl can cause eye irritation. If you have blue or green eyes, warm brown tones will complement those best; people with brown eyes should use gray or black shades. Brown-eyed ladies can wear any color they like.

Step 3: Choosing an application brush

You need a synthetic brush or kabuki. Synthetic brushes are a blend of polyester and nylon, but they’re softer and easier to apply than natural bristles. Kabuki brushes are long-handled, have thick handles and heads, and are used in both liquid and powder foundation applications. The application brush you choose will depend on how much time you want to spend putting your makeup on; kabuki takes longer but provides a more flawless look.

Step 4: Applying dark eye makeup with precision

How to Draw Straight Lines and Curves with Your Eyeliner Brush: If you’re struggling with drawing straight lines and curves, don’t worry! It takes practice. Here are a few things you can do. First, try holding your brush at an angle instead of horizontally or vertically. This will make it easier to create straighter lines. Second, take your time when applying eye makeup (especially when working on small areas like your eyes). Don’t rush through your routine; doing so could cause mistakes.

Step 5: Creating a Smokey effect without going overboard

Once you have applied your kohl pencil, add a few more layers of it on top of your eyelid. Then take an eye shadow of matte brown color and apply it just above your kohl application. This will give you a very smooth and smoky effect without overdoing it. You can even use black eye shadow or eyeliner on top of your kohl if you want a darker shade.

Step 6: Enhancing your eyes by applying mascara to the right spot

After applying kohl, you will want to make your eyes pop out. For that use black mascara and apply it in a wavy way at all times. Apply more of it to the outside corner of your eyes to highlight your eyes and make them look more attractive. This is one of my favorite steps as I feel like I am getting ready to go on a date or something special when I do so. So enjoy it!

Step 7 – Makeup Application Tips for Beginners

Applying kohl’s eyeliner requires some practice and skills. The very first time you might make a mistake but still, it is important to keep practicing till you get it right. So here are some of our makeup application tips for beginners when it comes to applying kohl eyeliner: Choose your kohl eyeliner in coordination with your eye shadow colors. Do not buy black kohl which would look odd on eye shadow colors like pink, blue or green.

Step 8 – Give your eyes sparkle with liner

Use a kohl pencil or liquid liner as close to your lash line as possible. Extend it out slightly so that you don’t look like you have no eye space. If you want, use your eye shadow as a highlighter and dust it under your eyelid and right above where your liner ends. This will help make your eyes pop!

Step 9 – Add mascara

Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara on top of each other to make them appear longer. You can also add some clear mascara if you want to just give them a bit more volume without making them too long.

Step 10 – Fix any mistakes

Sometimes when we are in a hurry we end up making mistakes when applying our makeup, such as getting foundation on our lips or smudging eyeliner.

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