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IHSAA football: Owen Scheele, Carroll QB, dies at 17

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Hello, everyone. We have some sad news: young Indiana High School quarterback Owen Scheele has died. Many news outlets have confirmed this. We want to say sorry and send his family our condolences. May his soul rest in peace. When he died,they only seventeen years old. People are leaving him condolences all over the internet, but only citizens are giving him attributes. He was good at seeing things and could have been one of the best players in the game. He played for the team Angels for a long time, and they posted a message to his family to show how sorry they were and how grateful they were for his service.


He was having fun with his family and going to bed like any other child. He worked hard and spent his whole life playing football, and he was at his best when playing. They always fun to be around, and he completed 20 of 40 passes and scored four touchdowns. He talented enough to have picked for the national team. He said to dead around 5 p.m. At night, everyone shocked.


And sadly, the doctors told his family that he was dead. This made everyone upset, and they all started crying. A GoFundMe page has also set up for him, and anyone can donate to help his family pay for his funeral. He was a leader and an inspiration to everyone. The news of his death is very sad. We’ll be back with more information about this event, so keep an eye on our website until then.

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