Instagram Stories now has a 60-second time limit, and a new version is out.


  • In 2018, Instagram started letting a small group of users try out longer Story segments of up to 60 seconds. Instagram update now has a 60-second time limit.
  • The latest update has started making its way to all users around the world.
  • Users can now post a 60-second story. They have it divided into two parts of 15 seconds each.

Before, Instagram users could only post 15-second Stories. Now, they can post 60-second Instagram Stories update. Users can now post 60-second Stories that don’t have to be broken up. In December of last year, the feature was tested on Meta’s app. They have now given it to people all over the world.

Independent confirmation shows that most app users should be able to get the update. Now, users can enjoy and make stories that last 60 seconds. Without cutting them into 15-second pieces.

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Instagram Stories now has a 60-second limit.

Now that Instagram is more focused than ever on video content. It has started making constant changes to improve the user experience, like increasing the length of videos. When Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri talked about Instagram’s plans for 2022, he said that the service for sharing photos and videos will put more emphasis on videos. He also said that the app’s video content will be more closely tied to Reels and that it will try to grow in the same way.

Instagram Stories now has a 60-second limit.

Instagram Stories update has improved a few things about Reels, like the ability to post all Instagram videos that are less than 15 minutes long as Reels. Also, the 60-second stories can now be shown without any breaks. The limit on how long a Reel can be has been raised from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Instagram has already tried out a full-screen feed like TikTok. But the recent changes show that the App’s reputation as a place to watch videos is still strong.

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