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Instagram Updates: Crossposting, Insights, and more are among the new features of Instagram Reels

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With Instagram Updates, people who make Reels videos now have three new options, such as the ability to post to Facebook and more.

We’ll talk about Instagram Updates in the article below.

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These are the three new things about Reels:

  • I am posting at the same time on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Sticker: “Add Yours”
  • Details about how well Reels did on Facebook

Here is all the information you need about each update.

Share videos from Instagram on Facebook.

If you have an account on both Instagram and Facebook, you can post a reel to both sites at the same time.

The next time you make a reel on Instagram, you will be asked if you want to post it on Facebook.

If you choose to crosspost, all of your Instagram reels will be shared on Facebook unless you tell it not to at the time you post.

Remember that Reels is already set to be public. Even if your Facebook profile is private, people who aren’t connected to you can still see your reels.

“Add Yours” Sticker From Instagram Stories

Instagram Reels will soon have the “add yours” sticker from Instagram Stories.

You can put the sticker on any reel to get other people to answer with their reel. It could say something like, “My favorite part of the weekend was going to the beach. What was yours? “

People can tap on the sticker to answer your question with their reel.

In the video about it, Mosseri talks about how excited he is about the new feature.

“It’s pretty cool that seeing something can make you want to make up your own story, and we want to include that in the video as well.” We want people to enjoy watching videos, but we also want to get them to tell their own stories. One way to do that is this:

Let’s say you post a reel with an “add yours” sticker and so many people click on it that it goes viral.

Everyone will know that you began a trend if you give credit.

Mosseri continues>>>

“If you start a trend, we want to make sure you get credit for it, so there’s a little link that says who started the trend.” A small link to your profile will be on the sticker, which you can turn off if you want.

Facebook reels can learn something.

Facebook is making reels better by adding new ways to look at them.

With this update, you’ll be able to see how your Reels are doing on Facebook by looking at metrics like reach, average watch time, total watch time, and more.

Reels can be booked on Facebook.

Meta just added the option to schedule Reels on Facebook, which is worth mentioning when talking about new Reels features.

With Creator Studio, you can plan your Reels content ahead of time and keep track of all your published Reels in one place.

There are now more ways than ever to share short video clips on Instagram and Facebook.

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