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Is Santan Dave Dead? The news of the rapper’s demise made sense, would he say he was still alive – and would he say he was hacked on his birthday?


This week, the web is fulfill with news of the death of rapper Dave, better known as ‘Santan Dave’.

Arguably the most notable British rapper, the 24-year-old, whose real name is David Orobosa Omoregi, surprisingly has two studio collections.

Two of his biggest hits are the 2016 tune ‘Thiago Silva’ with AJ Tracy. And the 2018 tune ‘Out of Control Friday’.

Anyway, is the rapper dead, or is it all a web hoax?

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What are reports?

According to reports that surfaced on Tuesday (July 5), the rapper was allegedly murdered on his birthday.

Be that as it may, these cases are bogus, and Santan has not died; All things considered. He is the victim of the death of just one more superstar.

Tales about Santon Dave are responsible for passing on the idea gained due to the ubiquity of the Facebook page “RIP Dave”, which has approximately 1,000,000 preferences.

Several fans expressed their anguish over the misfortune of the skilled singer by sending sympathies to the Facebook page when it was reported.

Is Santan Dave Dead?

On Tuesday, the singer’s agents reportedly expressed that Dave had not died.

Also, ever since the news of his ‘passing’ came to light, Dave has been dynamic on Twitter and Instagram, where he posted a selfie of himself before leaving for London.

Dave’s birthday is not even in July; The rapper came to the world on June 5.

On July 8, Santon Dave will play at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham.

As people try to trick others into playing awesome tricks and deceiving them, passing on deception is quite prevalent on the web.

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