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Is Vivian Jenna Wilson Transgender? Elon Musk’s daughter before and after surgery pictures viral!


Elon Musk the tycoon, the most extraordinary person on the planet is in the constant discussion either perhaps on Twitter or as a result of his trials. Tycoon is constantly reinventing itself for its new and inventive things to truly stand out. At this time, Elon earns billions and settles down with his loved ones. As of now, he hasn’t revealed a lot of sessions with his family, but recently an information is coming out that one of his kids needs to change his orientation and he is also changing his name. It is said that Elon Musk’s daughter will not and should be under the name of Elon. Tell us in detail what happened and why the details were advertised.

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Who is Vivian Jenna Wilson?

As indicated by multiple sources, Elon’s little girl has objected that she needs to change her name and orientation as well. As the sources reveal, Elon’s baby has likewise asked for another birth announcement and another name. It is said that she was supposed to change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, and this is by her new orientation. It is learned so far that the little girl is just 18 years old and has also requested and applied for another birth support and another name. This news came as a shock to many as Elon does not reveal anything more than his loved ones. Despite being a tycoon he is still a secretive person, but he comes across as truly new to his relationship decisions.

Vivian Jenna Wilson Pics Before and After Surgery

He is a very rich person as well as a father. There are many pictures of him on the internet which go viral, that as the very rich man is also famous for his statements. Not much has been uncovered in his frame of mind about his life or even his association with his children. They haven’t clarified anything, thus, orientation change and the name chaideasidea are to ideas or many individuals. According to several individuals and a tweet that was given in the early long stretches of 21 June 18 years old. Javier Alexander Musk has documented a legitimate solicitation to change his orientation. She turned 18 late and as she has grown legit and older, she needs to change her orientation.

Is Elon Musk’s daughter Transgender?

According to reports and web-based court a piece of orientation change. She is also dropping her father’s name and his name is not even required at this time. Javier was to change his name and the new name would be Javier Vivian Jenna Wilson. It was outside that Javier would leave his father’s name in honor and favor of his mother, Justin’s lady. As indicated by the web-based report, Javier needs to change his name, character, and orientation. And is no longer required to name his father. Photos of the report were shared on the web and soon the data flowed across the web. Tell us about the tweets made at this point.

Vivian Jenna Wilson: Wikipedia, Biography, and Age

On June 21, 2022, a tweet was made. According to which the 18-year-old son of Elon Musk filed a request in court to change his name from Xavier. And change his name to Vivian Jenna Wilson. From then on it was also decided. That he had no desire to have any relationship till now to be associated with his father in any way. It clearly express that he no longer had any desire to associate with his father in any shape, structure, or matter. The news was inevitable and it is a shock that the tycoon’s little girl would not be associate with him.

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