Jio bids for 700MHz

Jio bids for 700MHz band 5G auctions: This Might influence Jio’s organization quality

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Jio bids for 700MHz band 5G auctions: Jio bids in 5G auctions for the 700 MHz band: This could hurt the quality of Jio’s network. In India, 5G spectrum auctions started on July 26. Four big players stepped up to the plate to buy what they needed. On the first two days of the auctions, the bids went over Rs. 1.49 trillion, and the whole thing should be done by the middle of August so that services can start in September.

Jio has spent more than Rs. 80,000 crores and probably bought India’s expensive 700MHz band. The company is buying high-band and mid-band as well as 700 MHz. As more rounds of the auctions end, Jio is likely to have a big advantage in terms of call quality and the quality of the network as a whole.

On Wednesday, five rounds of auctions were finished, and Telcom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that all the brands were competing well. He was glad to hear that the 700 MHz band was getting good feedback.

“The sector is coming with new energy, and the response to the 5G auctions shows that,” said Vaishnav.

What is the 700 MHz band, and why is it a premium band?

700 MHz is one of the lower frequency bands for 5G. For 4G, the frequency range is from 700 MHz to 2500 MHz. High-frequency bands offer faster speeds, but they can only cover smaller areas. Low-frequency bands have slower speeds but cover a larger area, which is perfect for our country.

This band is considered a premium band because it will help telecom companies cut costs and improve network coverage. Because it has a low frequency, it will be able to get into buildings well and provide good connections in busy areas. Because the band is useful and in high demand, it is sold for more than other bands.

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Sources in the government say that about 40% of the 700MHz band has already been bought. PTI says that on the first day of the auctions for the 700 MHz band, provisional bids worth Rs. 39,270 crores were received. The 700MHzband is expected to improve the quality of 5G services in India, which has a lot of people and a lot of traffic. Especially in cities, which will be the first places to get 5G. Also, it costs less for telecom companies to offer broadband services in the 700 MHz band than in the 2100 MHz band.
Jio has put in a bid for most of the 700MHz band.

Highlights: Jio bids for 700MHz

Jio spent more than Rs. 80,000 crores on the first day of the auction and won the 700MHz band.

CICI Securities said, “Our analysis shows that Jio likely bid for the highest spectrum worth Rs. 80,100 crores and chose 10MHz in the 700MHz band.”

Adani bought 26GHz in 20 circles, which could cost Rs. 900 crores in total.

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