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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey: Manan Joshi, to exit Ankit Bathla, will enter the show as the second hero.


Recently, it has been in the news “Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey”. There were reports that the show might go on behind closed doors. However, Yasha Rughani, the lead entertainer of the show, who plays Gungun in the show, said that she is unaware of any such developments. According to the latest report, Manan Joshi, who plays Anubhav in the show, will be out of the show. As per a time of India report, Ankit Bathla, who was recently seen in Ghar Ek Mandir–Kripa Agrasen Maharaj Ki, is the latter’s lead in the show.

A source said Ankit Bathla is not taking Manan’s place, but it will introduce him as someone else. Meanwhile, the track will have to be postponed till Manan returns. As quoted by the source, Everyday Main said, “Ankit is not replacing Manan. He is being presented as another man and will play the role of another legend. Manan’s track to settle down the show. He will have to postpone for some time. He will have a common track when he returns, which will get intertwined in the long run.”

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Regarding the section, the entertainer said they had received no confirmation from the creation house, so they will not have the option to comment on it. Discussing his previous show, GEMKAMK, in which he played a regular role, the entertainer said he has no second thoughts about checking out different shades. They feel that TV no longer generalizes to entertainers.

Ankit Bathla said, “I have no second thoughts about investigating the hideouts. My personality Dhruv left the pessimist positive–Do Seemaar–in the show Thapki Pyaar Ki. I ran across several people who told me they, I mean, enjoyed Symbol. Also, I think the track changes depending on the crowd’s criticism. One cannot see if one will remain positive or pessimistic throughout the show. I also understand that TV now Doesn’t generalize to entertainers.”

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