Kantara Movie on Amazon Prime Cast, Story, all Episodes

Kantara Movie on Amazon Prime

The critically acclaimed Kannada film Kantara Movie is finally available on OTT, along with its cast, plot, for each episode. The movie gets great reviews and breaks a lot of records at the box office. Additionally, it becomes a timeless classic.

The Kantara movie, starring Rishab Shetty, is now available for online streaming on the Amazon Prime Video OTT service. Rishabh Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Kishore Kumar G, and Achyuth Kumar are among the cast members in the Kantara movie who appear in significant roles.

The OTT release date for Kantara was announced by Amazon Prime Video one day before the movie’s scheduled theatrical release. You can finally entertain yourself with this Kannada blockbuster, which has received a lot of praise for its slick choreography, skillful set pieces, and captivating cinematography.

The Background of the Movie Kantara The main characters of the film Kantara are a small group of people who live in the Kaadubettu woodlands in Karnataka’s southern coastal state. In a conflict between good and evil forces that results in death and war, Shiva, a rebel, defends his village and the natural world.

Kantara Movie on Amazon Prime

The film opened in theaters on September 30 and has already made more than $400 million all over the world. The movie became the talk of the town shortly after its release, gradually gaining the attention of a large number of moviegoers. On “Kantara’s OTT Delivery,” The Chief Rishab Shetty

Gotten some information about the affection he has gotten for the film about Kantara’s impending delivery on Amazon Prime Video, Rishab Shetty expressed, “Crowds from all edges of the nation have showered massive love on Kantara and I’m incredibly invigorated that with its worldwide computerized debut on Prime Video.

”We will be able to demonstrate our perseverance and dedication to a larger global audience. The plot’s local flavor will keep viewers interested until the very end, despite the story’s universal appeal. He went on.

Important Dates for the Movie Kantara Following its successful release in Kannada and subsequent dubbing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, the movie Kantara gained widespread popularity across the nation. The film is funded by Homebase Films. Producer Vijay Kiragandur stated, “At Hombale Films, we are always looking to tell engaging tales in an extraordinary yet relatable way.”

We have made several films, including Kantara, that moved people from all over the world. A statement issued by the production company states, “Rishab and the entire cast and crew have worked incredibly hard to create this beautiful film, and we are thrilled to take it to audiences around the world through the exclusive launch on Prime Video.”

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