Kenny DeLand

Kenny DeLand, who had gone missing from a university in France, was found in Spain.


Kenny DeLand Jr., an American college student who stopped talking to friends and family after leaving the University of Grenoble Alpes three weeks ago, has been found in Spain. Get the latest news by following Unmotivated World.

DeLand’s last conversation with his father was on November 27. He called him again on Friday. In a statement, DeLand’s family said he is safe and that the prosecutor’s office said DeLand sounded fine.

“Kenny is in Spain, and Carol, his mom, is getting ready to see Kenny and hopefully bring him home for Christmas,” DeLand’s family said in a statement that thanked many people, including the FBI, American lawmakers, French officials, and the schools involved.

Without the help of the media, she would not have seen herself in the news and reached out to us.


His father said that the last time his son’s phone went off was on November 30. On December 3, he went into a sports store and was caught by a surveillance camera.

DeLand Jr. learned French at the University of Grenoble Alpes as part of a program run by the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). His parents said that he was in his last year at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, New York.

Eric Vaillant, a prosecutor in Grenoble, said earlier this week that Ken DeLand Jr. was having trouble in France and had told people he wanted to leave early.

Vaillant said earlier this week that DeLand Jr. told several people that he came to France “not well enough prepared” and had a hard time making friends. “He did not feel good. He had said that he wanted to leave town quickly by going to Marseille.”

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