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Fiat 500 A Genuine Review

What are they?

It does appear to be a Fiat 500. But this car doesn’t have any parts that are already in the other one. The new 500 is bigger and has a new chassis, body, platform, and interior. The most obvious and important change is that the propulsion is new. It’s only electric.

It’s a small electric hatchback with a lot of styles, like a Honda E. There is no gas-powered version, unlike with a Mini Electric or DS 3 Crossback. since this brand-new platform is only for EVs. Still, Fiat will keep selling the much cheaper and very popular gasoline-powered 500 along with the new EV for the “foreseeable future.” This model has been on the market for 13 years.

The 500 has one important feature that none of its competitors have. a huge sunroof made of fabric that opens back and lets the back window drop. Since your EV is good for city skies, why not enjoy some of those skies yourself? If you want to enjoy the fresh air on your head, you can either drive a Fiat or an electric Smart ForTwo, but the latter’s official range is just 90 miles.

With all these changes under the skin and no big engine or transmission to work around, Fiat could have given the new 500 any shape it liked. Studios all over the world that are part of the Fiat Group were asked to come up with ideas for a complete redesign. After all that, the company went with something familiar: a shape from 1957 that was updated to look more modern.

What Is Different from the Old Car and Fiat 500?

The gasoline-powered 500 is 61mm shorter, 56mm wider, and 29mm taller than this car. The sizes are bigger, and the surfaces aren’t too complicated. Some of the little details are just great. We think it avoids being too cutesy or funny for its good. It’s a very sure-of-itself piece that works best in brighter colors (from which there are many to choose). But maybe with less creativity. Can you think of another car that has gone from having an engine in the back to having an engine in the front to being electric while keeping the same general shape? It argues against the old design rule that the look of an object should be honest with its inner story.

Why front-drive?

Since Fiat was starting from scratch, it could have done something like the Honda EV and used a rear engine and rear-wheel drive. or the first 500 people. But Fiat argues that FWD is what people are used to nowadays. For the same reason, the electric motor’s accelerator is set up in a way that is similar to gasoline, and the way it acts, in turn, is also similar. Why is the port for charging on the right-back wing? This is where you put the gas. To keep the chassis rigid, the canvas roof is stretched between metal side rails, just like the existing 500s.

So, yes, it’s a Fiat 500, just like the Mini Electric is a Mini. But a Honda E is so different from a Honda Jazz that it’s almost silly.

How about radiation?

No one asks, “What can it do?” about an electric car. Instead, they ask, “How far can it go?” Both the 24kWh and 42kWh batteries in the new 500 are made by Samsung and are hung low in the chassis. The second option holds about the same amount of energy as a Mini or Honda e, but less than a Zoe or the electric 208/Corsa/DS 3 triplets. Still, it’s good for WLTP up to 199 miles. The cheaper 24 kWh car has a WLTP range of 118 miles, which is fine for a second car that doesn’t go too far from home.

What do you think about Fiat 500?

“Fiat’s new version of the 500 is a solid, well-made electric car,”

Even though the 500 is small, it could be your only car if you don’t need much space. Because it can go far enough on a single charge to make trips on the highway possible. The Honda e or Mini electric, on the other hand, would have to be a second car for anyone who drives outside of cities and not just around them. However, it is not as enjoyable to drive as those. It’s taking more effort to feel normal. with a stylish, easy-to-recognize design and a good feel. So, the recipe has been changed for health and safety reasons, but it still looks and tastes like La Cucina Della Nonna.

Fiat 500 interior

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