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The all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC can be requested in Germany and will go to India.

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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC was revealed on June 1, 2022. You can now arrange it in Germany through the brand’s site and vendor accomplices. Costs start at 57,631 euros (around Rs 46,38,782). The organization is first putting three trims available: the GLC 200 4Matic, the GLC 300 4Matic, and the GLC 220d 4Matic.

Before very long, module cross-breed models were held. Mercedes-Benz is probably going to deliver the fresh-out-of-the-box new GLC in India in the not-so-distant future, perhaps around special times of the year. Follow our site for the most recent news>>>

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The GLC’s second-age update has rolled out numerous huge improvements, such as giving. It has a tasteful and state-of-the-art look and makes within more agreeable and loaded with tech.

The new GLC is 4mm more limited and 60mm longer than the former one. It has a more extensive track, 6mm at the front and 23mm at the back. Likewise, it is 4,716mm long, 2,075mm wide, and 1,640mm tall, and its wheelbase is an extra 15mm, making it 2,888mm tall.

The absolute best things about the new GLC’s plan are its more keen headlights, eyebrow-style daytime driving lights, more exhaustive and more rakish grille, entryway mounted external view mirrors, three-sided molded backlights, and its new composite wheels.

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This new age of GLC depends on the leader S-Class. It has another MBUX arrangement with two separate screens.

There is a 12.3-inch widescreen show for the driver and an 11.9-inch touchscreen in the center. That is set up in picture mode and a unique mark scanner and a couple of buttons. Mercedes-Benz likewise gave it new seats, another guiding wheel, cooling vents that seem to be those on the C-Class, encompassing lighting that can change tones, an all-encompassing sunroof, etc.

Like the new S-Class and C-Class, the GLC has supplanted the exemplary MBUX trackpad. A couple of buttons with a remote charging cushion and cubby holders. That, yet the GLC likewise has a straightforward cap and other new highlights.


After going into its subsequent age, the GLC currently has charge and accompanies all-half and half powertrains. For instance, the GLC 200, GLC 300, and GLC 220d all have gentle half-breed highlights.

Then again, module half-breed models like the GLC 300e, GLC 400e, and GLC 300de can venture out up to 100 km on electric power alone. It can go as quickly as 140 km/h. The 4Matic all-wheel-drive framework comes standard on each trim level.

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