Mercedes-Benz GLS turns up the style for 2023

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BMW showed off the updated 2023 X7 a few months ago. It has split headlights, big grilles, and a powerful engine. From what we can see on paper, the X7 seems better than the Mercedes SUV that competes in the same market segment. But will that keep happening? Affalterbach has been testing many new cars as it prepares to take on the Bavarians. The Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV is the most recent one. New photos from our spies show that the 2023 GLS is getting a mild facelift. Unlike the latest X7, the front end won’t change much from what’s already available.

Mercedes-Benz GLS 2023 model

The new pictures show that the headlights won’t change much. They’ll get new graphics, but they’ll still have the same shape. The front bumper will also get a light touch-up. This will make it look more like the other Mercedes cars and give it a more modern look. At the back, the taillights will also have new designs. But there won’t be any changes to the back bumper. From the outside, it will be hard to tell a 2022 model from a 2023 model, but you spend most of your time inside the car, so what’s going on there? Will everything change a lot?

Mercedes-Benz GLS

No, is the short answer. There must be some changes, but nothing that makes you scratch your head. Our sources say that the MBUX infotainment system will be updated with more features and new graphics that will be reflected in a new driver information display. This shown off behind a new steering wheel, as is the case with all new Mercedes models. Similar changes made to the Maybach GLS.

We expect the same mix of straight-six and V8 engines, which will be helped by a mild hybrid system. A plug-in hybrid version is also possible, but no one has seen it yet.

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