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The new midsize SUV will be called the Maruti Grand Vitara, and reservations are now open

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Maruti Suzuki said that the name of its brand-new midsize SUV is “Grand Vitara.” The new Maruti SUV can now be reserved for Rs 11,000.
As we’ve said before, Toyota will make the new Grand Vitara, and it will use the same chassis as the recently unveiled Hyryder SUV. The Maruti Grand Vitara will be introduced to the world on July 20, 2022. Both SUVs are expected to go into production next month and hit the market soon after.

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India’s comeback kid is the Maruti Grand Vitara brand

Maruti has used the name Grand Vitara before. Both the second-generation (XL7) Grand Vitara and the third-generation Grand Vitara SUV were sold in India as full imports. India will be one of the places where the upcoming midsize SUV is made, and it will be sold in many countries outside of India.
Last month, we told you that the new Maruti midsize SUV will probably be called “Vitara.” The second-generation Brezza SUV also got rid of the “Vitara” prefix, so Maruti could use the name for its next car.
The Maruti Grand Vitara is now in its fifth generation. It is similar to the Toyota Hyryder and will be made at the Toyota plant in Bidadi, Karnataka. Both SUVs will be built on Suzuki’s Global-C platform, which has already been used for popular models like the Brezza for India in both of its generations, the S-Cross, and the outgoing Maruti Grand Vitara SUV, which was sold overseas.
Both SUVs will have 1.5-liter mild-hybrid and 1.5-liter strong-hybrid engine options, as well as an all-wheel-drive option.
From the sides and back, both SUVs will look pretty much the same, but the front of each one will be very different. We’ve already seen the Hyryder, and its design is similar to that of Toyota’s larger SUVs sold overseas. Meanwhile, spy photos show that the Grand Vitara will have design elements that are similar to those of the Suzuki ACross SUV sold in Europe. Other things, like body panels and parts of the interior, will also be the same between the two SUVs.

The Grand Vitara will be Maruti’s most advanced SUV.

The Hyryder and the Maruti Grand Vitara will also have the same list of features. With features like a panoramic sunroof, premium leather interiors, a soft-touch dashboard, and a full hybrid powertrain, the new Grand Vitara will be Maruti’s most technologically advanced and feature-packed SUV for India to date.
You can expect Maruti to share more information about the new Grand Vitara SUV before its world debut on July 20. The prices will be announced in the second half of August 2022, after the prices of the Toyota Hyryder are made public.

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