Nishi Singh, a Qubool Hai actress, died.

Nishi Singh, a Qubool Hai actress, died.


Her husband, Sanjay Singh Bhadli, speaks out about losing her and having financial difficulties. Actor Qubool Hai’s medical issues have plagued Nishi Singh for more than three years. Two days after her 50th birthday, she passed away on Sunday. Nishi Singh, an actor in the movie Qubool Hai, passed away on September 18 after suffering from sickness for more than three years.

Nishi Singh, Who Was In The Movie “Qubool Hai,” Has Died.

Two days after celebrating her 50th birthday, Nishi passed away owing to medical difficulties, according to her husband, Sanjay Singh Bhadli. She is survived by Sanjay and their two kids, a girl who is 18 and a son who is 21. Read also: Nishi Singh Bhadli’s family requests financial aid after he becomes crippled.
After Nishi had a paralytic attack in February 2019 and another one in February 2020, writer-actor Sanjay had previously requested financial assistance in September 2020. She was on the mend, but after having another stroke in May of this year, her condition started to deteriorate once more, according to Sanjay. He also said that because of her death, her family is dealing with both her death and their financial problems.
Sanjay recalled her final days at times, saying, “The past several weeks, she struggled to eat due to a serious throat ailment. We were forced to feed her only liquids after she stopped consuming solid food. The biggest irony is that we just recently celebrated her 50th birthday (September 16). She couldn’t speak, yet she seemed extremely content. She accepted my invitation to consume her favorite dessert, besan ka laddoo.

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