Olivia Rodrigo Dedicates Lily Allen’s Song To Supreme Court In Glastonbury Video Viral On Social Media!


Every one has an alternative way of communicating their displeasure and a different way of communicating their reactions. Be that as it may, an activity immediately grabs the attention of the world. According to the most recent news, Lily Allen and Olivia Rodrigo’s two-part reconciliation at Glastonbury has led to Wade v. The melody called “F*** U” in the Supreme Court of the United States on the flipping of the row dedicated to Allen. The news is currently spreading all over the web and covering the headlines of the newspapers because their performance is very inappropriate and no one imagines that they can do this job. Be that as it may, the questioning is the reason they did it. According to the most recent report, United Kingdom artists Lily Allen and a driver’s license artist named Olivia Rodrigo gave the Supreme Court of the United States judges the center finger.

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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo dedicates Lily Allen song to Supreme Court in Glastonbury video

Also, they show their displeasure with the 2009 Melody Allen name “F*** You” and all that happened at Glastonbury Fest. This appreciation is due to discussion on the reversal of the 1973 Wade v. Roe example, which defends a woman’s decision of her choosing to wean her child. The video film of the occasion transferred to internet-based which is currently circulating. In the video, Rodrigo is seen on the stage where he is staying with Alan. He didn’t have many judgment words about the choice of Wade vs. Roe and didn’t return before the sweet opportunity. This is what Rodrigo expressed, “I am broken and appalled that so many countless women will lose their lives because of this stupid choice of the Supreme Court.

Why did Olivia Rodrigo dedicate Lily Allen’s song to the Supreme Court?

This choice affects the lives of many women or young women as well as their strength. “I had to commit this ensuing melody to the 5 individuals of the Supreme Court of the United States of America who have seen us day after day, they don’t give a s*** about freedom.” Immediately before starting the tune, Rodrigo says, “This tune is specially dedicated to judges Amy Connie Barrett, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch. We incredibly can’t stand you.”

According to reports, the US Supreme Court threatened to annul Wade v. Roe in the months following a hole in the draft, issued on Friday morning, June 24, 2022, and the final decision did exactly what it did with the most notable large portions of each. Decisive to allow the state to vote the power of reversal on the freedom to remove the fetus.

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