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Pakistani journalist Maira Hashmi said on live TV why did they hit the child?


Remember that Pakistani journalist who was oblivious to the hitting of a child after expressing something in front of the camera? A video of the event turned into a web sensation through virtual entertainment and people gave different reactions to it. On July 9, journalist Maira Hashmi was explaining the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Now he has submitted a report to understand what happened. Follow our site for the latest updates !!!!!

journalist Maira Hashmi

Hashmi took to Twitter and wondered what happened. She discussed how the child continued to harass the family she was talking to. Even though Myra Hashmi requested that the child stop creating a ruckus, she continued to make them, causing her to blow off her top.

“This person was troubling the family during the meeting, which drove the family crazy,” I told him affectionately to avoid it from the beginning, yet he had no idea and continued to do so. Making a ton of fuss. “From that point on, I made sure he would not take it back by allowing him any opportunity,” the subtitle, which was written in Urdu, said in an independent interpretation.

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Individuals online had a ton to say about what was happening. Some agreed with Hashmi’s response, while others said it was a hoax on his part.

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