Penis Plant is being saved by the Cambodian government

As of late, an uncommon type of plant has been catching individuals’ eye in Cambodia for an odd explanation. The plant has a surprising likeness to male genitalia ‘Penis plant‘ that has set off individuals’ interest making the public authority encourage not to cull it.

The meat-eating plant, Nepenthes bokorensis, the name is ‘penis plant’ because of its uncommon appearance. It is track down in the rugged locales of western Cambodia and has a long cylinder that seems to be an erect phallic, detailed Live Science.

With such a unique case, the plant has now turned into a well-known selfie prop for sightseers who visit the district and frequently pluck it. In any case, specialists dread that the rising ubiquity of the plant can make it go wiped out.

Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment late shared a post on its true Facebook page while encouraging individuals not to cull the uncommon plant. The warning came after a video of certain ladies presenting with the ‘penis plant’ in Bokor Mountain had turned into a web sensation on the web.

Penis plant

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