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Pope Francis makes a surprise visit to a Quebec rehab center


Even more unbelievable to him is the fact that he met Pope Francis at a rehab center in Quebec. On Thursday, the Pope paid a visit to the Fraternité Saint-Alphonse in Beauport, Quebec, which is located to the northeast of Quebec City. The priest had to fight back tears during the visit. People who have issues related to substance abuse can get help at the Fraternité Saint-Alphonse. In the morning of that same day, the Pope had celebrated mass in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.

“He was happy. “With bright eyes,” Morency, who started the group about 30 years ago, said. “It seems to me like God is giving a big wink to the Saint-Alphonse Fraternity.”

Pope Francis spent about 20 minutes at the centre, giving gifts like rosaries and an icon of Mary and Jesus.

Rehab Center in Quebec

Morency says that during the secret stop, a bodyguard put him in touch with the Pope. The pope then gave him some envelopes with a $20,000 donation to the fraternity inside.

When Morency heard that the Pope would be visiting Canada, he wrote to the Archbishop of Quebec to remind him of what he had promised. And the Archbishop stuck to what he said.

Morency made sure that residents and volunteers would be there by inviting them to a special dinner to thank them for their work at the centre.

He says that even people who don’t believe in God were moved by the Pope’s surprise visit.

“Some people were crying and had tears in their eyes. His visit to the house may have made these people feel something, “Morency said.

“He takes my hand and gives me that. “That’s for the poor, Father Morency,” he said, “the priest thought back.”

Morency didn’t figure out what was in the envelopes until after the procession had left.

He said, “We’re still trying not to cry.”

Promise kept

The priest claims that the visit is something that the centre owes to the Quebec Archbishop, Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, who made a promise to the organisation that he would bring the Pope there if he ever travelled to Quebec.

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