Shyan Khatri web series

Shyan Khatri web series in 2022


Shyan Khatri web series in 2022. Shyna Khatri was born in 1995, making her 27 years old in 2022. She was born in Chandigarh, India.

Shyna Khatri, an Indian actress and model, is well-known for her roles in the Hindi online series. Her performance in the Budchalan web series on the MX Player captured viewers’ attention. Tere Bina, Housewife, Dar-De-Dil, and other music videos all featured her. Her popular web series include Pahredaar, Kaam Purush, and Piglet 2.

She rose to fame as a consequence of the web series Pehredaar on the PrimePlay OTT platform. The entire name of the actress will be published soon. Together with Jayshree Gaikwad and Neha Gupta, she co-starred in the first season of the Hindi online series Pehredaar. Her portrayal in the online series was excellent, and her first web series helped her win the hearts of the audience.

The career of Actress Shyan Khatri web series

After finishing college, actress Shyna Khatri decided to pursue a modelling career. She worked with some major modelling agencies and acquired professional modelling training.

Shyan Khatri web series
Image.1 Shyan Khatri

She spent a lot of time and effort on photo shoots in the past to enhance her portfolio. China has the advantage of being gorgeous in both traditional and model clothes.

She used to participate in numerous beauty pageants as she rose through the modelling ranks. In 2021, she chose the “Miss India Exotic Talented” beauty pageant champion.

Shyan Khatri web series
image. 2 Shyan Khatri

Shyna Khatri may be seen in a lot of YouTube music videos, including Dar-De-Dil, Tere Bina, Housewife, and others.

After being offered multiple modelling possibilities, actress Shyna Khatri decided to start her acting career. She played supporting roles in several YouTube short films and Hindi television series.

Shyan Khatri web series
Image.3 Shyan Khatri

The Hot web series Pehredaar, which was made available on the Prime play platform in 2022, offered her the option to portray the series’ lead role. The lovely actress significantly influenced the online series that astounded spectators.

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