Silchar Student Girl video

Silchar Student Girl video on Social Media


The film has received a variety of responses from internet users as a result of Silchar Student Girl video on Social Media. Some people have criticized the student’s acts, but others have denounced them, contending that pupils shouldn’t disrespect the neat setting of a learning facility where one goes to learn and gain information.
Seven pupils from Silchar’s Ramanuj Gupta Junior College were suspended for breaking the school’s norms and committing acts of turpitude.

Students from Silchar’s Ramanuj Gupta Junior College can be seen hugging and poking one another inside the classroom in a video clip that has since gone viral on social media. The footage was recorded by a student in the same classroom and afterward published on social media.

The Whole Silchar Viral Girl Video

Following the viral success of the video, the college sent letters of suspension to seven of the disruptive classroom participants. A tiny number of students have engaged in turpitude in overt and evident ways, which has come to the authority’s attention. Such conduct constitutes a blatant infraction of the institution’s policies. As a result, beginning on 10/8/2022, the following pupils are barred from attending lessons until further notice.

Online users have responded to the video in a variety of ways ever since it was uploaded on social media. While some have denounced the pupils’ behavior, others have said that they shouldn’t have disrespected the discipline-focused climate of a school environment.

One of the most well-known schools in the Barak Valley is Ramanuj Gupta Junior College, which may be listed here due to its achievement in secondary exams.
Silchar Student Girl video

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