Social Media: What is Porta Potty Video Dubai Meaning, Video Viral on Social Media, Full Scandal Link!

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Recordings of women going viral on social media for one reason or the other are coming out. The viral Dubai Porta Potty video is becoming a web sensation on Twitter and has women doing some really silly things. In a viral video called models on Instagram, women are seen sitting on Porta Potty’s and Arab men are also joining them if needed. Recordings stand out and models facing abuse are detailing their accounts. These ladies don’t have any gifts rather they just have perfect bodies with fillers and silicones and they have huge fans judging by their looks. These women are bringing in a lot of dollars in cash and living luxurious life.

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What’s up with the Porta Potty?

However, the way they bring in cash is troubling. One of the top Instagram models as well as social media also expressed a similar story and was disappointed by people as they were all colloquial and happy with what they did. It was Accepted that models import into Dubai or Arab countries were taken for travel or in an infertile area and were approached to sit on the Porta Potty. They are bare and the males of the herd come and urinate on the young females or females. They do everything that would seem rebellious and disturbing to a normal person. Models are approached to complete the men and they are then paid huge amounts of cash.

Porta Potty Dubai Viral Video

As one penetration video shows, strong men fulfill themselves by treating women brutally. He put human feces on women’s perfume and put it in his mouth. The women are sprinkle with human urine and told not to wipe their faces until the client is there. A woman was the approach and completely down to sit with a mouth injury. As per her confession, she was paid a tremendous amount to cater to her clients. Some models say they are paid around $20,000-$40,000 at a time, out of which they cater to their customers.

Porta Potty Dubai video leaked and viral on Twitter

The gathering of such young women is taken to pampering meetings and plans are made to cater to the men. As indicated by one model she was taken to a yacht and jizz and pissed in her face. Then, at that point, he cleaned his face, and the conversation was repeated until all the men were done. People made very serious and fair comments on the viral recording. A Twitter client commented that women are treat like feces and there is no such thing as peace in this world. Another client commented saying – Really can’t fully accept that women are consenting to do such things, and models are doing everything for web-based entertainment.

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