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Social media went crazy over a video of two Asian dolls fighting.


Asian Doll Fighting Vide seems to be in a tizzy right now because a video of her has gone viral on Social media and people have said mean things about it online. Sources say that a woman stole an Asian diamond chain while she was at a pool party and then told her followers about it. When people saw a woman and an Asian doll fighting, they started to write down what they saw. After this video went viral, a lot of people made fun of Asians for hitting the woman out.

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The Asian and the women who tried to take the necklace also talked about what happened. It looks like the rapper is against them. Let’s talk about what went wrong with Asian Dolls.

In a well-known video, a woman and an Asian doll fight.

As the video got more popular, many people made fun of Asians for hurting and mistreating the woman. In a statement, the woman also said that she had relapsed, admitting that all she did was try to touch the artist while imagining doing so. The Asian doll said that the woman tried to steal her diamond necklace, and in the video. The Asian can be seen hitting the woman as she comes toward them. A lot of people backed the rapper, but a lot more back the woman who wanted to take a picture with Asians.
Even though this story has two sides, most people think the woman didn’t try to catch the chain.
What made Asian dolls happen?
A security guard got in the middle of their fight, and the two women went their separate ways. Then, Asia was led to a car waiting for him. He was arrested after she said online that he was just trying to take a selfie. One Asian called her a fake Dior woman to make fun of her. The woman wore a Dior dress.
Asians mocked the woman in her tweets by using curse words and making jokes. She tried to get rid of the diamond necklace she was wearing. The video became famous online right away after being shared a lot.

Social media Video of Asian Dolls’ Fight

People tweeted about the video as its popularity grew. Many more people on Twitter made fun of the woman and the Asian man. See a video on Social media>>>

Social media

One of the Instagram users who shared the video said that someone was trying to steal the necklace off the Asian doll. One person on Twitter replied to the woman’s message from Asians by saying that sometimes it’s okay to laugh at them and move on. Someone else said that the party seemed strange and that the chain had not been stolen. Some of them said that the woman was right and that Asia was just trying to get people to pay attention to him. In this case, it is not clear who is right.

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