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On Monday, as a fight broke out at the Valley Metro complex in Brisbane, a young man named Lauey Tagaloa was brutally stabbed by another young man.
When Lauie, who was also known as LT, was stabbed, he died right away. He bled to death on the ground.
On Tuesday, a horrifying video of the stabbing was posted to Twitter while police were looking into what happened and arresting the suspect.
LT, a 24-year-old resident of Brisbane, was stabbed in the neck after a fight between two people at the Valley tube complex.

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A video that was posted shows that the two sides were arguing when a man suddenly pulled a knife out of his back and swung it at young Tagaloa.

When Levi started bleeding for the first time, he was already bleeding. He fell to the ground and died.

A video was stabbed in the neck, and the suspect was apprehended.

Police say that witnesses tried to save the victim by giving first aid. But the wound was too close to a vital organ, and the Brisbane resident died right away.
A video has been posted online, mostly on Twitter, that shows the moment Lauey Tagaloa was stabbed and left lying on the ground.
In the comments, some people say that the person behind the camera is uncaring. That he should have helped save the people who were dying instead of just filming what was going on.
Some people get scared when they watch bad movies. They wished they’d never met him.
On Twitter, you can hear the young man’s condolences and his hope that the killer gets what’s coming to him. Some people said that LT was wrong to blame the shooter.
When people share horrible videos of people being stabbed, it makes you wonder how soulless social media has become when it comes to graphic content. Still, police said that the video helped them with their investigation.
Police arrested a young man named Seiram Kwami Jentuh because they thought he might have killed Laoui Tagaloa. They did this by looking at surveillance and video footage from the time of the crime. 

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