SP51 Ferrari with new look

The new look of the SP51 Ferrari was shown.

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The SP51 Ferrari has been revealed by the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. It was based on the 812 GTS when it was first made. The 51st special project car made by the company was made for a customer in Taiwan. It had unique design features on the outside and inside.

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SP51 Ferrari: PowerTrain

The chassis for the 812 GTS and the SP51 is the same. It has a 6.5-litre V12 engine that is normally aspirated and makes 800 horsepower and 718 Newton-meters of torque. Ferrari has not yet said what the SP51’s technical specs are. It is expected that the Italian supercar will go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds. The fastest it can go is 340 km/h.

Details of the Ferrari SP51 Design

The SP51 now has new headlights, diamond-cut wheels, and a Rosso Passionate paint job on the outside. This car was made by the Ferrari-style centre. The supercar is painted in a striking blue and white colour scheme down its length. in honour of the Ferrari 410 S race car from 1995.

The SP51 doesn’t get a folding hardtop as the 812 GTS does. Instead, it has no roof. The SP51 has vents in the front and back to create downforce and make the car as aerodynamic as possible.

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SP51 Ferrari Look Revealed

The carbon fibre body and the transversely mounted carbon wing that connects the two flying buttresses are also very important parts. The interior of the SP51 is similar to that of the 812 GTS, except for a red Alcantara accent that stands out.

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