The video by Vivian Polania went viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Some people continue to do things they know are wrong. They continue to act even though they are aware that the results won’t be pleasant. This is due to their lack of concern. A judge was the victim of one of these unexpectedly stupid actions. Vivian Polania viral video peculiar conduct put her at the center of attention, and her most recent viral video.

She was suspended because she engages in unacceptable behavior. On social media, the video is drawing a lot of attention and sparking a lot of debate. Which is detrimental to the judge’s position and reputation. For more information, visit our website, Unmotivated World. Because a video has gone viral, people are now interested in it.

Vivian Polania viral video

They is interested in learning more about the judge and her work. A Colombian judge will be suspended for three months for posting explicit images of herself online. Specifically, on November 16, 2022. Vivian Polana, a judge from Colombia, was smoking as she lay in bed. She is also seen in the video partially naked and only in her underwear. In addition, she is about to raise the matter in a virtual court hearing.

What exactly is Vivian Poland?

Everyone has been demanding severe punishment for her ever since the video was posted online. She has now been suspended for three months, according to reports. Even though she was aware that she was participating in a virtual court hearing, she was still in bed in the viral video. According to the report, the Judicial Disciplinary Commission in Norte de Santander made its decision regarding Vivian on November 22, 2022. A suspended judge had broken several administrative rules.


A viral video of the 34-year-old judge led to her suspension last week. This is sufficient to generate a lot and generate a lot of noise. The car bombing that occurred in June 2021 in Cucuta, Colombia, was the topic of the virtual court hearing. which targeted a military brigade. El Tiempo reports that Poland turned off the camera for more than 57 minutes before the incident.

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