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Thecuesito video viral on Social Media


Keep an eye out for the popular Thecuesito video viral on YouTube. Yoly Lazo, a Puerto Rican woman, has recently made headlines after it was revealed that she would be creating holiday dishes for Disney. Yoly has worked as a chef for 14 years. During that time, she has created numerous cakes, treats, and other foods that have garnered her a lot of attention on social media and allowed her to participate in several profitable partnerships.

There were rumors in Thecuesito’s video that she was involved in a scandal, but they were later debunked. Lazo is now making plans to improve her chef job and ensure she has enough money to get through the holiday season. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this chef and her work with Disney. So keep an eye on Unmotivated World for more updates.

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Loza’s choice to collaborate with Walt Disney The Cuesito Video Company is the world’s most well-known and beloved children’s entertainment company. A brilliant move that has resulted in enormous success for both companies In an interview, Loza stated that she had considered incorporating Puerto Rican food and culture into Disney parks. She also expressed hope that the collaborative effort would include dishes such as queso and falcocho.

Lazo says she wants her customers to enjoy the variety of flavors and textures in the Puerto Rican food she prepares for them. She encourages women to continue cooking and expand their audiences by preparing these classic recipes.

A Thecuesito video viral

Loza wants to share her culture with as many people as possible, so she tells them that she prepares her best meals for visitors who come to honor their homeland by trying local specialties. She claims that everyone is always pleasant and that the food is always delicious. Lao also stated that this is because there are so many Puerto Ricans in Orlando. Many Puerto Rican restaurants receive rave reviews from weekend visitors to the city’s parks, the majority of whom are Latino. She does, however, state that the locals are not Latinx and are only there to eat and hang out in the park for the time being.

Thecusitor is also included in the book biography and on Wikipedia. Lazo studies electronics, but she also enjoys cooking and eating good food. She attended college in Puerto Rico and majored in electronics. Humacao was her university. She relocated to Orlando, Florida, in 1994. Lazo had previously visited Florida, where she had gotten a job washing dishes at Disney. She could have returned to Puerto Rico later, but she chose to work in Florida and take cooking classes to supplement her income. She started working as a cook after joining the group.


Lazo had begun her cooking career by making appetizers, followed by pizza. However, she progressed from a small cook at Disney to one of the company’s most creative and traditional chefs. Lazo began her career in the kitchen, but she quickly realized that she belonged in the pastry kitchen. She eventually became a baker, and her cakes are famous for their intricate designs and carvings. excellent work with Disney. She created cakes that resembled Disney parks, hotels, and other locations.

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