This is the new BMW M2 for 2023

This is the new BMW M2 for 2023

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The new 2023 BMW M2 has been leaked three weeks before its scheduled press launch. The photographs’ provenance is unknown, but it is undeniably the G87 M2. The model in this image has been painted in the brand-new shade of Zaandvort Blue. There are currently very few surprises left about the impending 2023 BMW M2. In the past two years, there have been several stories about the well-liked sports coupe, and we even got the opportunity to test drive a prototype.

BMW M2 > Between 450 and 460 horsepower.

The new G87 M2 won’t look all that different from its 2 Series counterpart, just like its predecessor. It keeps the single headlamps up front but adds some rectangular air intakes and a kidney grille with racing-inspired details. The G87 BMW M2 has an aggressive bumper in the back that includes the standard quad pipes. Additionally, there is a tiny trunk spoiler and vertical reflectors that increase the car’s width. The M design is completed with an M mirror cap and a carbon fiber roof.

The 2023 BMW M2 will wear the same shoes as the M4, with 19-inch front wheels and 275-mm tires on the front and 20-inch rear wheels and 285-mm tires on the rear. The older brother’s regular brakes will also be carried over but without the extra carbon package. Around 450–460 horsepower and roughly the same level of performance as the previous M2 CS will be found in the new M2. Since the S58 will provide the same amount of power in both applications, the manual and automatic transmissions will be adapted from the M4 without any power changes.

Of course, an M2 Competition and/or CS, and hopefully an M2 CSL, will come after the base model. We can only hope that it will be approved this time around because the F87 came dangerously close to happening. Keep checking back for the formal debut on October 11th!

This is the new BMW M2 for 2023

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