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Transformation pictures of Adnan Sami went viral on Twitter Instagram, and Facebook, everyone was stunned!

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Hi everyone and right now everyone was shocked by Adnan Sami’s transformation and they couldn’t accept the obvious reality because he was already a very chubby person and it’s a predictable thing for him. Recently he posted some pictures on Twitter Instagram and in those pictures he was looking thin and he also put on some muscles. He was already over 200 kg and he is famous for famous tunes like ‘Bardo Jholi’, ‘Lift Karade’. He was a fat person. However, these days he has posted pictures of some events with his fans. Follow our site for the latest updates!!!!

Adnan Sami transformation pictures viral on Twitter Instagram

Twitter Instagram

Adnan Sami: Wikipedia and Bio

Started his career in 1986 and the Times of India saw him as the Sultan of Music. He became an Indian resident in 2016 and awarded by the Padma Shri. His age is 50 years at present. Adnan Sami had a monstrous commitment to music. So, he was highlight in Console magazine and featured as the fastest console player on the planet. He brought into the world by Pakistani Air Force veteran Arshad Sami Khan. And initially found a place in Jammu and Kashmir. He has given many voices like “Pal Do Pal Ke Hey Darkness” to life.

Adnan Sami: Family, Ages, and Songs

“Dear wet weather”. Adnan Sami also has a ton of Indian melodies from movies like Kachchi Sadak “Khwaja Mere Khwaja”, Khosla Ka Bhoot”, and Sayane Hai Janaab”. He gained monstrous prominence on YouTube with a huge number of perspectives and preferences and we created many Telugu melodies too. He has been given outstanding contributions to sub-continental music. What’s more, the Canadian Parliament for his ‘outstanding services to Indian music’. We’ll be back with some more data about him up to that point. our site.

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