video of Maegan Hall

Twitter revealed the video of Maegan Hall


Twitter exposed When Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, and others arrived, video of Maegan Hall was taken down. Hall bragged about his “open marriage”.

When La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole was informed, among other things, that Hall was having relationships with Magliocco and his wife as well as other police officers, it prompted an investigation into the officers’ erratic personal lives.

Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay, who were allegedly involved in an affair with Hall, kept their jobs but were placed on administrative leave by their employers.

When working at the police station and gym on December 28, Hall was with Powell and Shields, according to an internal investigation. There have allegedly been extramarital encounters on a boat, in a hotel, and at the residence of another law enforcement official.

video of Maegan Hall

Magliocco acknowledged to s8x with Hall after being questioned regarding the hint. He claimed to have interacted with Powell while working on both of their jobs and that Hall had informed him of Powell’s “big black d-k,” according to the investigators.

Magliocco and his friends watched football while at the party Hall and Holladay were present. According to him, Hall kissed his wife Amy after learning about their “open marriage.”

The officer informed the authorities that Hall’s husband had seen the kiss and had expressed his “definite disapproval” of his wife having a relationship with the Maglioccos. The investigation reveals she kept dating him in spite of this.

video of Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall video
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