Ukrainian soldier

iPhone 11 Pro saves the life of a Ukrainian soldier and blocks a bullets.


Most people know that Apple iPhones are top-of-the-line gadgets with excellent form quality and a protected versatile encounter. However, these things have become a part of our daily existence, so we usually don’t give enough credit to iPhones. Take for example this video that recently circulated on the Internet. A viral video of an iPhone 11 Pro saving a Ukrainian soldier from slugs gives us another chance to see the value in the now old gadget. Who needs an unbeatable coat when an iPhone can do the same thing, right?

A Reddit video shows a Ukrainian warrior removing his iPhone 11 Pro from its bag. The slug is still trapped inside the damaged iPhone, which is visible in the video. The gadget was enough that the shot could not harm the officer. Had the phone not been there, the bullet could have killed him. An iPhone 11 Pro saves the existence of a Ukrainian soldier. Check out Unmotivated World for more news.

The video has garnered over 3,000 upvotes on Reddit since it was posted. Many comments, jokes, and thoughts have started pouring in. One customer joked, “A healthy lifestyle is better than all the drugs in the world!” Another inquired. Why not make a tactical armor carrier out of the stuff that goes in a cell phone? It will be very light!” Although we like the last one best. “Shot on an iPhone, or quite, shot at an iPhone,” said an iPhone 11 Pro saving the existence of a Ukrainian soldier. Is.

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Even though the occasion seems like a supernatural event and is somewhat unrealistic. We truly trust that the warrior has no problems and that the world will be a better and more peaceful place to live. A person with long experience who made iPhone 11 Pro. Which probably would have saved the life of the young man when his life was in danger.

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