Should I use a VPS with Linux or Windows?

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Both Windows VPS and Linux VPS services have their pros and cons because they use different operating systems. Which one should you choose? Users who are just choosing their hosting option always ask this question. Let’s talk about them so you can make a better choice. First, let’s quickly explain what a VPS is.
A virtual private server works the same way as a real server does. Through virtualization, a powerful physical server is split into smaller parts that are each given to a different owner through virtualization. The name for each part is VPS. Each part has its power, RAM, and operating system resources. Each VPS is separate from the others. Both Linux and Windows can be found on the virtual servers that providers offer. The person who rents the disc space only has to pick the best choice.

A quick look at the different operating systems on virtual private servers

In summary, Windows VPS

Microsoft is the one who owns the operating system. You have to buy a license to use any version.
Windows Server is an operating system that isn’t open source. The one that most personal computers use.
helps websites that use

Both the PC version and the server version are sold by the company.

In summary, Linux VPS

  • The open-source code is what makes Linux different.
  • There is no charge for the operating system.
  • There are many ways to get Linux. They are simple to set up and easy to keep up to date.
  • Many experts say that Linux is the most stable and safest OS.
  • Linux servers are being used by more and more websites.
  • For Linux VPS, the SSH remote management protocol is used.
  • An Ubuntu VPS is a virtual server that uses the Linux kernel to run the most popular server system.

Which is a better choice for a VPS: Linux or Windows?

Before you decide on the best choice, you should think about why you want to rent a VPS. Is security important to you or does it not matter much? Is there a limit to how much you can spend on hosting services, or does the price not matter? Let’s look at the operating systems based on a few things.
If you rent a virtual private server for a small project, blog, informational website, or entertainment website, Windows may provide enough security. For business and corporate projects, it’s best to use Linux, which confidently leads in the “security” category. Of course, each OS has its flaws, and extra security measures will be needed to protect sensitive data as much as possible. On the other hand, Linux VPS is thought to be safer than servers with any other operating system. Also, there is a lot of anti-virus software for Linux made by developers.

Website Structure

Developers often choose PHP and to make websites. A Linux VPS is the best choice for a website that is written in PHP. Choose Windows Server if your website is written in the ASP.NET programming language. cPanel, which is a well-known and popular control panel, works well with Linux VPS. Plesk, a well-known control panel, can be used with Windows Server.

Operating system, open source or closed source, paid or free

Users who choose Windows will have to pay for any version of the OS. Licenses are quite expensive. On the other hand, Linux Server has a lot of free distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian.

If you want to change the way the operating system works, choose one of the open-source Linux distributions over the other code variants. Windows is closed source, so if you choose this option, you will only be able to make a few small changes.


Stability is one of the most important things about a website and a server in general. In the business world, VPS Linux is said to be the most stable. And the most reliable part is the operating system itself. Statistics and profile studies show that Windows will need to be reinstalled every so often. Windows Server OS has a much higher failure rate than Linux Server OS when it comes to how often it fails.
This is because of the open-source operating system, which lets you change the kernel not just for your own needs but also when any error, no matter how small, is found. When kernel codes are “corrupted,” Linux experts fix them right away. Because the source code for Windows Server is closed, no one but Microsoft experts can find bugs in the code. In simple terms, you can choose whether to trust the programmers at Microsoft or the programmers around the world.
Which is better to run a server? Linux Server or Windows?
A virtual private server is a type of hosting that can be run from a long way away, from anywhere in the world. An SSH connection is used to administer and operate a Linux VPS.
This convention is utilized to interface with the server.
Microsoft has a remote desktop protocol that lets you connect to a Windows virtual private server. Once you’re connected, a handy graphical interface will appear. In this way, many experts say that Linux is worse than Windows. But it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

One of the main elements to consider is cost.

We want to remind people who are used to counting and thinking about all the costs that you have to pay for a Windows license (for any version of the operating system). Almost all versions of Linux can be used for free. Most good VPS providers don’t charge extra for a Windows license, of course. But its cost can be counted as one of the “hidden fees.” So, you need to think about this when picking an operating system for your virtual private server.

Instead of coming to an end,

If you can, you should check out each of these facts. If that doesn’t work, you can talk it over with an expert. The answers to the questions will help decide whether VPS Linux or Windows is better in a certain situation. Again, each has its advantages and disadvantages. But some of them are more important than others for a certain project.

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