When Felicity Kendal shares a BBC tribute to Queen

When Felicity Kendal shares a BBC tribute to Queen with the words “Still Got It,”

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She gets a lot of praise. On Monday morning, Felicity Kendal joined Huw Edwards to pay her respects to Queen Elizabeth II. This kept BBC viewers from paying attention to what was going on. The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II began on BBC One on Monday morning with a report by journalist and BBC reporter Huw Edwards. Thousands of people will stand outside Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle all day to pay their respects and watch the coverage of the monarch’s funeral on TV. Felicity Kendal, who was praised a lot for her time on The Good Life, joined Huw to talk about their memories of her late Majesty and the legacy she will leave behind.

Kendal began by talking about how she would remember the Queen and the privileges she had as a member of the royal family throughout her life: “My memories of, I guess, the beginning.

“I remember watching the coronation in black-and-white when I was six years old. The curtains were closed, and my whole family, including the dogs, watched it together.

“I can still remember how I felt when I saw how beautiful she was. The Queen was so young and pretty, and then there was this well-known moment.

“She walks out onto the balcony with Prince Charles and Princess Anne. They are very young, and she is wearing these beautiful gold bracelets.

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