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Who is Yasmeena Ali, Get her HD video that went viral on social media


Yasmeena Ali’s Bio/Wiki

Yasmeena Ali was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, on December 1, 1993. She is also known by her stage name, Khadija Patman. She is a well-known British-Afghan film actress, social media influencer, content creator, model, and businesswoman. Also, She is well-known in the field because of the videos she has made. IMDb says that she started working in the film business when she was 24 years old.

She also plays the part of a model. According to Wikipedia, she stopped being a Muslim and became a Jew. The news says that Yasmeena is a supporter of women’s rights. Yasmeena is a model who has worked for well-known websites.

In February 2022, she got a lot of attention when she said that her weird job gives her confidence. She also told them that her dad had tried to kill her.

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Career Of Yasmeena Ali

Sources say that Yasmeena began working in the film business when she was 24 years old. IMDB says that Yasmeena is a strong Zionist. According to her Wikipedia page, Yasmeena fights for women’s rights.

In the year 2020, her father and his cousin tried to kill her because of her job. She also stopped being a Muslim and became a Jew. The sources say that she makes movies, but she still wears a hijab. She also has a large number of people who follow her on social media.

Yasmeena Ali went to school, went to college, went to university, and got a degree

Yasmeena finished her elementary school in England.

How tall, how heavy, how big, and how long Yasmeena Ali is.

Yasmeena Ali is 151 cm tall and weighs 50 kg, which is about 110 lbs. She is 5 feet and 0 inches tall.

She is 33-24-36 inches tall and has brown eyes and black hair.

Family, caste, parents, and siblings of Yasmeena Ali

The sources say that Yasmeena Ali was born on December 1, 1993, into a very religious Muslim family. She was born in the time of the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, she and her family moved to England. At the time, Khadija was only nine years old.

Yasmeena Ali’s husband, boyfriend, and status in a relationship

Yasmeena is going out with a Jewish boy. She also turned out to be Jewish. She then moved on to movies. Let me tell you that she is a famous model and right now.

While she was modeling, she met David Cohen, who was in charge. Later on, David and Yasmeena began dating.

Yasmeena wed David after some time had passed. Wikipedia says that David and Ali both spent some time in Austria. They later moved to Slovakia in 2017. Yasmeena and her husband have a good life together right now. She doesn’t say anything about her children, though. Our research shows that Yasmeena does not have any children.

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How much money Yasmeena Ali has, where she lives, and how she lives

It has been said that Yasmeena Ali gets paid to act in adult movies. Her OnlyFans star also brings her money. It is thought that she is worth about USD 1.5 million (approx.). She and her husband have a very nice life right now.

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