Who Was DANIEL ENRIQUEZ, and How Did He Die? CCTV film shows that a man was shot and killed on the Q train in New York City.

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A man from New York City was killed when he was on the Q train and shot. Daniel Enriquez, a Goldman Sachs specialist who was 48 years of age, rode the Q train when he was shot by somebody who was not known. Daniel was preparing to go out to informal breakfast on Sunday. The city police and city pioneers are happy that wrongdoing will be halted and monitored in the state. Daniel was moving from Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he resided, to Manhattan. As the train went over the Manhattan Bridge, somebody with a weapon appeared unexpectedly and shot Daniel seriously. Follow our site Unmotivated World for more news!!!


The homicide occurred in the first part of the day, around 11:42, as indicated by what the police said. We have no clue who does this. And he hasn’t get it yet. His family was extremely wind+ by what occurred, and his sister offer something questionable and bold. Whenever she conversed with the media. Daniel’s sister, Griselda Vile, said that nobody ought to go through such agony. Remembering the new lawbreaker’s bail. She said that regardless of whether the crook is. There may be an opportunity that he will be bail. She likewise straightforwardly reprimanded the city hall leader by citing him and advising the columnists to leave,


Let Adams know that the city is at serious risk and that her sibling was kill from a nearer distance. Indeed, even her better half said that individuals ought to take care of their responsibilities and invest more effort. Daniel Enriquez’s sister even told the overall population that everybody ought to be familiar with the wrongdoing and that this could happen to another person. She then, at that point, said that she wasn’t going after the city hall leader yet rather believed they should zero in on individuals of New York. She additionally said that now that her sibling is dead, she is significantly more reluctant to send her little girl to the city alone.


As indicated by the source, wrongdoing records have gone up beginning around 2021. There has been a 19% ascent in lawful offenses, a 12% ascent in assault cases in the city, and a 42% ascent in thefts, which makes it difficult for the typical individual to live. The individual, Daniel’s sister, conversing with was a psychological oppressor who just moved away from jail seven days before this occurred. The lawbreaker ought to have been secure forever or executed. However, he is presently free. The individual who shot Daniel is at this point unclear, and police figure he could have taken off.

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